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uPVC Dry Verges

CL Roofing are experts in the installation of Continuous Dry Verge systems in Doncaster. Dry verges eliminate the need for roof gable roof pointing and are maintenance free. Contact Us to book in your free quotation for Dry Verges in Doncaster and South Yorkshire.

Gable Pointing Repair

What are Dry Verges?

Dry verges are extruded from uPVC to form the shape of your existing roof tiles, the dry verge covers over the void between roof tiles and brickwork on gable roofs. This eliminates the need to point the void with mortar which is prone to crack and shrink over time. The pointing will then become loose and fall out meaning that the roof is not water-tight. The uPVC dry verges cover this gap meaning that no water can enter the roof.

Continuous dry verges are only available for gable end style roofs, they are not needed for hipped or flat roofs as these roofs are not pointed apart from the ridge tiles.

Dry Verge Installation

The most cost effective time to install a uPVC dry verge system is when your roof shows signs of damage to the gable roof pointing. This can be in the form of small cracks or missing pieces of mortar, we recommend fitting dry verges at this time as a long term maintenance free solution.

It is often the case that scaffolding is needed to repair roof pointing due to the height of the roof gable, the cost of the scaffolding means that it makes sense to install dry verges and also install replacement soffits & fascias.

Dry Verge Colours

Dry Verge Colours

We offer a range of dry verge colours to match your existing roof tiles. This image shows the range of dry verge colours which come in grey, red, caramel and brown, however we can also have the verge custom sprayed to any RAL number.

At CL Roofing we have over 30-years experience in the installation of continuous dry verge systems. Contact Us today for more information or to book in your free quotation in Doncaster and South Yorkshire.

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