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At CL Roofing install new and replacement roofline systems in Doncaster, including Soffits, Fascias, Guttering & Dry Verges. Read more below or Contact Us for more information or to book in your free consultation in Doncaster or surrounding areas of South Yorkshire.

Soffits, Fascias & Bargeboards

Roofline in domestic roofs exists to close the gap at the end of the roofing trusses in open eaves roofs, the purpose of which is to stop birds entering the loft space. However a roof requires ventilation to stop damp from forming, damp in a loft space can cause rot in the roof timbers which in time will be beyond repair and require a replacement roof. The alternative is to ensure that your roofline system is well ventilated, cladding over existing rotten timbers will lead to damp and cause the rot to spread to the roof timbers, we recommend a full replacement of soffits, fascias and bargeboards.

Full replacement involves removing the existing timber soffits and fascias and replacing them with either new timber or uPVC fascias. At this point is is worth considering why the old fascias began to rot, in the majority of cases people will plan to replace their roofline because they see water falling from the guttering, they then realise that the roofline is beginning t rot. The reason that water is falling in this way is that the roofing felt has deteriorated, this can happen over time or because birds may have removed the felt for nesting materials. Therefore we recommend removing three rows of tiles, cutting back the existing felt and replacing i with a PVC eaves protector which is impermeable and directs the rainwater into the guttering system. Installing bird comb will also stop the boards from entering under the tiles in future. Contact Us today for more information on our replacement soffits & fascias in Doncaster.

Guttering & Downpipes

At CL Roofing we provide replacement guttering and downpipes as well as guttering repairs. Leaking gutters can happen for many reasons, they may simply require cleaning, however in some cases what looks like a guttering leak is actually roof felt deterioration. A tell tale sign is being able to see daylight between your guttering and roof tiles. We are experts in the diagnosis and repair of guttering and downpipe systems in Doncaster.

When replacing your roofline it also makes sense to replace your guttering and downpipes, effectively this will only be priced at the cost of materials as the old guttering will come off to make way for the new fascias. Guttering systems are available in several colours, black, mahogany, white and caramel as well as several shapes such as ogee, half round, square and cylindrical. Contact Us for your free quotation today in Doncaster.

Dry Verges

Dry verges are used to protect your roof gable tiles from strong winds. The robust pvc construction deflects the wind from lifting the tiles in order to minimise the risk of lost roof tiles. uPVC Dry verges are designed for installation on gable style roofs, gable roofs are often found on bungalows and semi-detached houses. If you require If you require a quotation for Dry verges in Doncaster or other areas of South Yorkshire, Contact Us today to book in your free quotation or for a guide price.

uPVC Roofline Colours

uPVC fascias boards are available in a wide rang of colours, some of which are available in woodgrain foils to match your uPVC windows. Standard colours include white, golden oak, mahogany and rosewood. Over the past ten years more window colours have become available, therefore more roofline colours have become available such as Irish oak, black and grey. Contact Us today to book in your roofline quotation in Doncaster.

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