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Flat Roofing Systems

At CL Roofing we are experts in the installation and repair of flat roofing systems in Doncaster including felt, fibreglass and rubber roofing. Flat roofs offer a cost effective roofing solution for single story extensions and garages, the simple construction not only uses less materials that a pitched roof but also taken less time to construct. There are many types of flat roof covering materials including felt, rubber sheets and fibreglass roof coatings, information for flat roof coverings can be found below. Find information below for our flat roofing services or Contact Us today to book in your free consultation and quotation in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

Flat Roof Installation

Flat roofing systems are installed by constructing a timber frame around the parameter of the roof and hanging timbers which bridge the span of the flat roof. HDF boarding is then laid across the timber joists to cover the roof, a fall must then be constructed to provide proper water drainage, felt edges are then installed to direct the flow of water to the front of the roof and into the guttering system.

A number of flat roof coverings can then be applied including traditional felt which is laid using tar as an adhesive, this provides an additional waterproof layer and bonds the felt to the roof. Fibreglass and rubber flat roof coverings can also be used in place of felt, felt is by far the most cost effective flat roof covering.

Fiberglass Flat Roofs

Fiberglass flat roofing is a highly durable roof coating with a life expectancy of over 40 years. Fibreglass roofing is made by building up layers of fibreglass sheets in opposing directions with resin adhesive to create a roofing material that is not only lightweight but strong and durable. The initial cost of installation of fibreglass roof coatings is considerably higher than felt, this is due to the cost of manufacture which is mainly made up of labor.

At CL Roofing of Doncaster we supply, install and repair new and replacement fiberglass flat roof in Doncaster and surrounding areas of South Yorkshire. Contact Us today to book in your fiberglass roof survey in Doncaster.

Rubber Flat Roofs

We are able to offer any kind of rubber flat roofing material to suit the size and design of your flat roof extension. Rubber roofing is recommended for use on flat roofs where a skylight roof will be installed; the rubber roofing sheets can be cut and stretched to encompass the up-stand of the orangery skylight to ensure a watertight seal. Contact Us for more information or visit our gallery for more information.

Areas Covered

At CL Roofing we install flat roofs in Doncaster and all areas of South Yorkshire. Contact Us to book in your free consultation or for more advice

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