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Commercial Roofing

CL Roofing are experts in the maintenance and repair of commercial roof systems in Doncaster and South Yorkshire. Our commercial roofing services include strip and re-sheeting, over cladding and encapsulation. If you require any more information please do not hesitate to Contact Us for advice or to book in a free survey in Doncaster.

Commercial Roof Installation

When installing a new commercial roof it is worth paying for quality materials to ensure a long life expectancy and to provide as much insulation as possible. We are able to provide several quotations for different quality commercial roofing sheets to meet your budget and provide the best value for money. Contact Us for more information and to arrange a quotation for your new commercial roofing project.

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Commercial Roof Survey

Commercial roofs are not unlike any domestic roof in that after years or neglect they may become damaged and in need or repair, years of exposure to the elements can lead to roofing penetration and oxidation around roofing seals that have been left to deteriorate. Holes and cracks may form due to the expansion and contraction of the roofing sheets in warm and cold weather, at which point it is important to repair the roofing sheets. Cracks will be made worse during cold weather spells as frozen water will lead to the expansion of any minute gaps in the commercial roofing material.

At the first sign or any water ingress it is important to have the leak investigated to ensure that the leak will not develop and damage the roof. Several steps can be taken to provide short term repairs such as welding a plate over a damaged roof section, replacement of a roof panel and even the spray application of a waterproof membrane to encapsulate the roofing sheets.

Commercial Roof Repair

In the same way that there are many styles of commercial roofing there are also many commercial roof repair techniques, some leaks can be quickly repaired with minor cost of materials and labour charge. Major repairs can include stripping and re-sheeting the roof with the latest of roofing materials, modern sheeting will not only last longer but provide better insulation.

Areas Covered

At CL Roofing we cover a 30 mile radius of Doncaster and South Yorkshire for Commercial Roofing Repair and Maintenance, we are able to quickly survey and diagnose the cause of a commercial roof leak in order to provide a competitive quotation to complete the repair or roofing renovation. Contact Us today for more information or fora free quotation.

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