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Roof Repair in Doncaster

At CL Roofing in Doncaster we are experts in the diagnosis and repair of domestic tiled, flat and garage roofs in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. If you have a roof leak or missing roof tiles, Contact Us for free advice and information on roof repairs in Doncaster and surrounding areas.

Roof Leak Repair

At CL Roofing we are experts in the maintenance and repair of domestic and commercial roofs in Doncaster and the greater Yorkshire area. If you have developed a roof leak contact us for more information or to book in your free consultation.

Tiled Roof Repair

Roof leaks can be caused by loose or damaged roof tiles, a roof tile can become damaged for several reasons. Concrete roof tiles may have minute cracks which can fill with water in freezing weather, the frost may expand and cause the tile to break. Other reasons for missing roof tiles can be the from rusted rails which have perished and split.

At CL roofing of Doncaster we are experts in the diagnosis and repair of tiled roofs, we can replace missing tiles or quote for a full roof tile replacement. Contact Us today to find out more about our tiled roof repair service in Doncaster.

Flat Roof Repair

Flat roofs are cost effective and simple to install which is why they are used on the majority of single story extensions in Doncaster. However, flat roof coverings such as felt, fibreglass and rubber can become damaged which will lead to water ingress. There are many techniques to repair a flat roof, this can be felt patches, damp proof tanking, fibreglass sheeting and full felt replacement. The extent of the damage will dictate which repair technique should be used.

We are experienced in flat roof repair including felt, fibreglass and rubber roofing systems. Contact Us for more information and pricing information on flat roof inspection and repair in Doncaster and South Yorkshire.

Roof Pointing Repair

Roof mortar is used to bond ridge and hip tiles to the roofing tiles, this also stops any ingress of water beneath the tiles during heavy rain and driving winds. As roofs will expand and contract with the seasons it is not uncommon for cracks to appear in the roofing mortar, this can then lead to pieces of the mortar to break away, meaning that water is able to enter the loft space. Damaged roof pointing should be surveyed and re-pointed as soon as possible to avoid damage to the roof trusses and to eliminate the risk of damp in the loft.

Chimney breasts can also be a source of a roof leak, this will usually occur when the lead flashing that is used to cover the gap between the chimney and the roof tiles deteriorated, in which case the lead should be replaced. Alternatively the mortar on the chimney breast could have deteriorated, this is often hard to diagnose as the damp patch or leak can appear far away from the chimney, we are able to quickly diagnose the source of a roof leak and undertake the necessary repair work. Contact Us today for a free survey and quotation for roof pointing repair in Doncaster.

Guttering Repair

Domestic roofs will use either a cast iron or uPVC guttering system, guttering is held in place using brackets which set the guttering at the required fall to direct rainwater into the guttering downpipe. As the guttering brackets are attached to the fascias they can move as the fascias expand and contract through the seasons. We can clear and adjust your downpipe to allow proper rainwater drainage.

Some people mistakenly think that their guttering needs to be repaired when water is falling from the roof and bypassing the gutter, this is often diagnosed as perished roof felt. Felt is often damaged by birds which will peck at the felt and use it for nesting material, to repair this we remove 2-3 rows of tiles and replace the felt for a plastic eaves protector. The eaves protector ensures that the rainwater is directed into the guttering and will no deteriorate over time. For more information on a full replacement of soffits, fascias and guttering visit our roofline information page. Contact Us today for more information or to book in your free guttering repair consultation in the Doncaster area.

Areas Covered

At CL Roofing of Doncaster we survey and repair domestic roofs in Doncaster and the whole South Yorkshire area including Rotherham, Barnsley and Sheffield. Our highly experienced roofers will quickly diagnose and repair your roof leak at an affordable price. Contact Us today to book in your roof repair quote in Doncaster.

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